Tubeless Tyre repair

A nail, or some sharp metal object on the road can easily penetrate a tyre and slowly deflate it. If your tyre does not go flat immediately, it will when you least expect it to happen. Imagine being alone and helpless in the middle of some no-where highway, totally ruining your tour plan.

With a tyre repair kit and the following instructions, you will be able to overcome this common problem, turning it from a disaster to a challenging experience.

Repair a tubeless tyre in 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Locate the puncture and remove the nail or object.

Step 2: Ream and lubricate the hole with the reaming tool and rubber solution.

Step 3: Insert the gummy worm plug using the insertion tool and rubber solution.

Step 4: Cut off excess plug with a knife.

Step 5: Inflate tyre with the CO2 cylinders & adaptor.

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