Kuala Terengganu via Highway 3 (the coastal route)

Meet at:

Woodlands checkpoint former MacDonald's Carpark.


Day 1

Proceed to Terengganu via the coastal route. Sun, sand, sea & we come!!

Proceed across the Woodlands causeway into JB and head for highway 3 towards Kota Tinggi.

Stop at Ulu Tiram prata shop for breakfast and fuel top up (fuel about RM15.00).

Hit highway 3 towards Kota Tinggi and on to Mersing.

Stop at Mersing for fuel stop and coffee break at the Mersing Jetty hawker centre (fuel about RM10.00).

Proceed north on highway 3 again towards Kuantan, keeping an eye out for cows, goats and chickens and of course local kampong folks.

Arrive at Kuantan for lunch and fuel top up (fuel about RM15.00). Head down highway 3 towards Kuala Terengganu, stopping at Kuala Dungun for tea and fuel top up along the way (fuel about RM10.00).

Proceed into Kuala Terengganu via highway 3 and check into a nice hotel.

ETA Kuala Terengganu 5pm.

Dinner at local haunts and night out in town...if there's any life at night!

Maybe a movie and some shopping will be possible. Otherwise go for a midnight swim in the hotel's pool or laze the night away gazing at stars from your room's balcony.

Day 2

Proceed to Marang to catch a boat for Pulau Kapas for some sun, sand & sea.

This is where we put our sun-tan lotion and snorkelling gear to good use.

Boat fare will be charge at about RM30.00 per head for a return think.

Snorkelling gear may be rented from the boat jetty.

Well tanned and covered with salt, proceed back to the mainland and to the hotel for a dip in the pool and shower.

Laze in the hotel or hit the town to pick up some local bargains and food.

Dinner at local haunts or seafood.

Day 3

After breakfast, check out of the hotel at 9 am and head for a local fuel station for top up (fuel about RM10).

Proceed along highway 14 for Kuantan, stopping there for another fuel top up and lunch (fuel about RM15.00).

From Kuantan, proceed along highway 2 towards KL and turn off for highway 12 and head south towards Segamat.

Stop at Segamat for a durian binge and fuel top up (fuel about RM15.00).

Head towards highway 1 for Yong Peng, stopping there for another fuel top up (RM10.00).

Proceed onto the North South Highway and head south towards JB from Yong Peng.

Turn off the Highway for the 2nd causeway after the Kulai exit.

Head for the Gelang Patah R&R Petronas Fuel station (avoid Esso, packed with S'porean cars) for final fuel top up.

Bid farewell to bikers and collect phone numbers if you have not done so and head back to Singapopre.

ETA Singapore 5pm.