Hatyai to Phuket via Highway 4, Thailand.


Proceed to Phuket via Highway 4 from Hatyai.

In Hatyai town, head for the Railway Station. Look out for the bridge that goes over the tracks and go on it. This road will lead you to an Esso petrol station about 3 km away. Top up your tank there and get ready for an adventure.

Get back on the road and ride on straight keeping an eye out for Rattaphum directional signs. There no major turns, just follow the main road.

Turn right towards Rattaphum at the junction of Highway 406.

Before Rattaphum, turn into Highway 43 following directional signs for Phattalung.

Wonderfully paved roads will lead you to a junction with Highway 4 before Phattalung. Turn into Highway 4 and head for Trang. Follow the directional signs again.

Upon entering Trang, you will see a hotel in the shape of a ship! Stop at Trang for fuel top up and some lunch. You will be about 155 km away from Hatyai now. There's this little food stall at 6/6 Jempenya Road that sells the best Tom Yam Soup I've ever tasted. Ask around for it. Its well worth the effort!

After lunch, ask for directions on how to get out of Trang towards Krabi as the roads there may be confusing and has no directional signs.

Follow the directional signs for Krabi once you get out of Trang. The road will lead you to a junction after which you will have to head for Phangnga. Again follow the directional signs for Phangnga.

About 20 km before Phangnga, you will come into some hilly terrain. The corners here are simply wonderful! It's just like riding to Cameron Highlands from Tapah! But look out for sandy patches and mudslides if its raining. So not too fast on the bends here ok?

Coming into Phangnga you will have travelled about 215 km from Trang. Top up fuel here, have coffee and freshen up. There's this really nice bakery that serves tea and pastries opposite the Esso station. You can even strike up a conversation with the proprietor in Cantonese!

Phuket town will be about 89 km from Phangnga. There will be plenty of road works going on as the authorities are widening the highway leading to Phuket. I estimate heavenly rides by the first quarter of 2000. Riding at night here will be a terrible idea. There are no lights and reflectors on the highway. If possible avoid riding at night in Thailand.

Follow the directional signs for Phuket. They'll lead you right into the heart of Phuket island. You know you've arrived once you cross the Sarasin Bridge, the gateway to beautiful Phuket.

About 15 km from Phuket town, on the western coast of the island, is Patong Beach. That is where you want to be in Phuket. There are lots of nice hotels that will fit your budget and needs, while food and fun is never a problem.

Welcome to Phuket! Have fun and ride safe always!