Kota Bharu via Highway 8. The long and winding route.

Meet at:

Esso Fuel Station at the Gelang Patah R&R.


Day 1

With as little fuel as possible, proceed across the Tuas 2nd Link, paying the appropriate tolls (Toll coupon S$0.50 for Singapore end & RM1.00 for the Malaysian end), into Gelang Patah and head for the Esso Station at the Gelang Patah R&R along the highway, 2 km from the customs checkpoint. Fuel top up will cost about RM1.10 per litre, unleaded.

Hit north on the North-South Highway towards Malacca/Kulua Lumpur. Keep an eye out for its directional signs.

Stop at Pagoh R&R along the highway for fuel stop and coffee break (fuel about RM15.00).

Proceed north on the highway again towards Kuala Lumpur. Before K.L., after the Nilai exit, turn off into the KLIA (Ipoh) exit. Follow the directional signs for Ipoh.

Arrive at Denkil R&R along the highway for lunch and fuel top up (fuel about RM15.00).

Proceed along the highway keeping an eye out for Ipoh directional signs again. Head in that direction.

Turn off at the Tanjung Malim exit along the highway and get onto Highway 55 towards Fraser Hill.

Stop at fuel station at the base of Fraser Hill for a break and fuel (fuel about RM10.00).

Get back on the highway again and head east until the junction of Highway 8. Here head north towards Kuala Lipis.

At the juntion before Kuala Lipis, make a left turn to head west along Highway 8. Top up fuel here if possible (fuel about RM10.00).

The road will gradually head north bringing you along to Gua Musang. Follow the directional signs.

Top up fuel (about RM12.00) at Gua Musang and check out its many places of interest. A camera is a must when visiting this gateway of Malaysia's Taman Negara.

When you've exhausted a roll of film on the best of nature, get back on Highway 8 and proceed north towards Kota Bharu.

Upon entering Kota Bharu, seek out one of the many hotels there and settle down for the day.

Good food at very reasonable prices can be found in abundance in this North Eastern most city of the peninsular.

Day 2

You have to spend at least one day at Kota Bharu visiting the places of interest that dot this capital city of Kelantan. Shopping for cultural handicrafts is a must but make sure you have the space on your machine to bring the goodies home in one piece!

Day 3

Conduct a pre-ride inspection on your bike, checking for tyre pressure and nails, signals, lamps and brakes right after breakfast.

Check out of the hotel and head towards the nearest fuel station in town for a top up (fuel about RM15.00).

Head south getting back onto Highway 8 until you come to the junction of Highway 4, the Gerik Highway. Here make a right turn and head west towards Gerik.

You will be treated to long winding roads among the clouds and breath taking views along this highway. However keep a look out for the occassional elephant that may just cross your path.

After the turn off to Jeli Falls, stop at the fuel station along Highway 8 for a top up (fuel about RM10.00).

Refueled, proceed west towards Gerik again.

You will soon go over a series of bridges bringing you across Tasik Temengur. Stop at the fuel station after the first bridge for a refueling (fuel about RM10.00) and a break overlooking the lake. Food and snacks are sold here too.

Rested, proceed along Highway 4 towards Gerik. You will soon arrive at the junction of Highway 76. Turn left here for a southerly heading. You will soon pass Gerik along the way.

Head for Kuala Kangsar, keeping and eye out for directional signs.

Before Kuala Kangsar, follow directional signs that will lead you to the North-South Highway. At the North-South Highway, head south for Ipoh.

Stop at the Sungei Perak R&R for a break and fuel stop (fuel about RM12.00).

With a tank full of petrol, get ready for North-South Highway riding from here on. Proceed south passing Ipoh and head for Behrang R&R along the highway. Stop here for refueling (fuel about RM15.00).

Head south again after refueling and as you arrive at the Sungei Buloh R&R along the highway, take the exit for KL and head for the city centre.

There are many hotels here that will suit all budgets. Try checking in to one thats near the shopping strip of Jalan Bukit Bintang on Jalan Alur. Good local food can be found here just below your hotel!

Make sure you have a map handy when running around KL. The roads here are mostly single direction carraigeways and traffic on them will make getting around even more confusing!

Once settled in and showered, slip into a comfortable pair of shoes and explore this facinating capital city. Going around on foot will be fun but keep your map handy.

Day 4

Check out from the hotel and have a nice local breakfast at one of the many stalls nearby.

Once again conduct a pre-ride inspection on your machine, then head for the nearest fuel station for a top up before hitting the highway (fuel about RM12.00).

Proceed for the North-South Highway. Keep an eye out for Seremban/Johor Bahru or Seletan (south) directional signs.

On the highway, head south for Johor Bahru and stop at Pagoh R&R for tea and some fuel (fuel about RM15.00).

You are now on the last lap of your ride. Getting back on the North-South Highway, proceed south until you arrive at the Gelang Patah/Singapore exit after the Kulai Interchange.

Proceed towards Singapore and stop at the Gelang Patah R&R just before the 2nd link. ETA 4.30 pm. Here fill up your bike with cheap fuel for the last time (fuel cost should be about RM16.00), finish all your ringgits and get your passport ready for your entry back to Singapore. Prepare RM1.00 for the Malaysian toll and a S$0.50 toll coupon is needed for the Singapore end.

At this point get your fellow bikers contact numbers if you have not already done so and proceed across the causeway back to reality and remember, ride safe and live to ride another day :)


Please note that all fuel costs mention above are based on the consumption of a well maintained Honda CB400 Super 4 Version S, doing an average speed of about 160km/h. Fuel consumption will vary from bike to bike and is dependant on riding styles, machine performance and condition as well.